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Introduction to TOPSEC

TOPSEC is a leading company which provides information security products and services in China .It is committed to improving the visibility, availability, controllability, and security of users¡¯ network and applications based on innovative¡°trusted network architecture¡±(TNA) and leading information security products and services in the industry, so as to reduce security risks as well as create business value.


Building a trusted network security world

With the progress of human civilization, the world has entered the information era, and brought us unprecedented high technology, high quality life and at the same time, it has brought us unprecedented information security crisis. In the face of increasingly serious information security situation, TOPSEC which is committed to the full implementation of the information security and the availability is heading solidly toward the goal of being a "national security industry leader, the creator of the leading security technology, a world-class provider of information security".


In the face of a mixed, chaotic-disorder, constant innovative network world, TOPSEC is constructing a strong network sense system from seven levels of users, application, content, security , service , location and time. Sense brings about security. TOPSEC is committed to fully protecting users¡¯ data and building a reliable network and a safety world from the terminal server , channel to the cloud.

A leader in the security hardware market in China

Since 1996, TOPSEC has pioneered the firewall products with independent intellectual property rights to fill the gaps in domestic market, to self-developed programmable ASIC security chip, to over 100 G rack "NGFW4000-UF Qingtian (Firewall) " security gateway in the cloud era, the TOPSEC has adhered to independent innovation, and completed the transition of follow -made firewall , with nearly even beyond the internationally renowned products. More than 10 consecutive years, it ranked first in Chinese information security market firewalls, security gateways, security hardware, the TOPSEC led and witnessed the milestone in the development of information security industry in China.


Fast growing security management business

The security management software business of TOPSEC has developed very fast and achieved or is achieving the leading role in every involved area, in addition to being a firewall and network boundary protection. Its terminal virtualization technology assists customers with building a controllable and trustable application environment of key network, which completely avoids disastrous influence brought by Internet security threat on the network important applications and data. Unified users and terminal security management help customers in effective managing various applications, realizing the unified users¡¯ management and users¡¯ terminal data protection. And also it involves fast-growing mobile intellective terminals. Qualified and standard management helps customers realizing auditing and monitoring of data base, business, network and operation. Statistics security analysis and research platform with many functions such as security equipment management, application management, data security management and security management are becoming the core of security management platform, Internet security and cloud service platform in the next generation.

A pioneer of Internet security cloud service

As early as 2004, the TOPSEC founded TOPSEC security operation center, which is the first domestic commercialized security service organization. It provided security operation outsourcing service for enterprises. Since 2007, the TOPSEC has respectively cooperated with China Telecom and China United Telecommunications and founded two security centers; they have taken advantage of each other and offered security service for enterprises. The TOPSEC internet security cloud service center was founded in 2012 , which provides remote security monitor , analysis , warning and response service for companies nationally in 24 hours a day and 7days a week as well as localized service so as to quickly and effectively solving security problems . After 8 years¡¯ research and development, the TOPSEC has already provided remote security operation service for over 5800 companies.

Realizing safe business operation

TOPSEC helps customers not only protect network and information security but also realize safe and quick business delivery, thus increasing business value. Network behavior management, precise application internet flow controllability and load balancing help customers effectively manage the use of bandwidth, safeguard functions of important applications and suppress non-critical applications on bandwidth usage, effectively controlling the content of Internet visit and improving employees¡¯ efficiency. WAN acceleration, security gateway built-in accelerometer module and cloud acceleration software can speed up the Internet applications services represented by Web, and significantly improve the users¡¯ experience of long-distance access, inter-carrier access and wireless network access.


Security Research and frontier exploration

The leading vulnerability discovery, offensive and defensive analysis, software code analysis, security research in domestic market, security services staff are responsible for tracking and analyzing Internet security threat situations, which provides all products of TOPSEC with security technology, content, and support, real-time ensuring the effectiveness of security products . Automatic Internet applications and content analysis platform and ongoing investment in personnel have guaranteed TOPSEC with a leading application identification and content analysis ability. Programmable ASIC safe chip and research and development of high performance encryption chip have provided the related security hardware products with a powerful impetus, achieved the high-performance of security products. cloud computing, industrial system, Internet of Things, IPV6, WLAN and other emerging industries or security research on the type of operation have made numerous achievements or partial application.


Technological innovation has led the development.

Virtualization and security technology innovative research will greatly enhance the levels of terminal security and cloud security protection. The highest reliability, the strongest performance, the best adaptation of the special security gateway network operating system in domestic market ensure a high share of TOPSEC firewall in the banking , securities, electric power and other key industries. Highly integrated intelligent filtering engine technology can detect the data in depth in the process of data packet disassembly, ensuring the efficiency of the protocol depth recognition. Security management platform based on larger scale, more kinds data acquisition, storage, processing, correlation analysis will truly become the nerve center of the customers¡¯ security operation and management.


National security is the responsibility of enterprises.

As the core technology support unit of 2008 Olympic Games security work, the construction unit of 2010 World Expo neural network security system, the integrator of 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games (AGIS) network information system security system, the provider of 2011 Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou Eight spacecraft docking project safety management system and undertaking unit of 2012 national special firewall, VPN, Internet audit of the next generation Internet security, TOPSEC has become the main force in the information system or the project construction in many important industries, and constantly practiced the mission and responsibility for national information security.


Global perspective, China's leading position.

Unbounded Network, infinite security, TOPSEC is promoting the steady development of safety service with a global point of view. TOPSEC is a partner of Microsoft MAPP, which can obtain Microsoft related vulnerabilities at the first time, and at the same time, TOPSEC is one of China's first batch of enterprises which can view Microsoft source codes. TOPSEC is a partner of INTEL global information security, and built a joint laboratory in Beijing, working on the pioneering research of INTEL architecture platform in the field of safety. TOPSEC also built China's first overseas security analysis and monitoring laboratory in American Silicon Valley, comprehensively tracking Internet Security situation.


It is the constant pursuit of technological innovation and unremitting efforts for the information security industry that has won numerous honors for the TOPSEC, also established the leading position in the Chinese information security market. One of Zhongguancun top 10 software brand enterprises, Chinese E-government 100 strong enterprises, DDT Asia Pacific high growth 100 enterprises, China top 100 software enterprises, Forbes China most potential non-listed companies, the national planning key software enterprise, national key high-tech enterprises and so on, All of these are not only the affirmation, but also the incentive for TOPSEC. Reviewing the past, looking forward, TOPSEC is opening, exploring and leading the information security market, to help customers build safety capability, and increase business value.












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